Automated Actions

Archenemy is a fan made App that lets you play this fantastic format everywhere, without the hassle to bring your physical oversized cards.

It's uniqueness is related to the fact that the Apps implements a simulated deck with automated cards and actions.
During your games you will be able to interact with cards using menus and special buttons, so that all you will do is play!

Create your deck

The App features also the chance to create and save your own Scheme decks, in order to select only the cards that you prefer or to set up a theme deck.
You can select the most chaotic cards to play the craziest games!

What is Archenemy?

A fast explanation of this fantastic format.

Archenemy is a casual multiplayer format designed for "one vs. many" gameplay. In an Archenemy game, one player takes on the titular role and uses an increased life total and a deck of non-traditional scheme cards to play against a team of variable size.
One player, designated the archenemy, plays against a team of opponents. To even the odds, the archenemy starts the game with 40 life, always takes the first turn, and keeps a second deck of oversized and powerful scheme cards.

More info

For a more in-depth explanation, you can check this video, made by The Professor (Tolarian Community College):

Check the Video

How to Play


Before beginning: this App is designed as a companion and lets you play Archenemy anywhere. It provides a full experience, but can only be used during a real game of Magic The Gathering.

Be aware that, in order to play, you need a real MTG deck... You can use any!


Start Screen

Tap the "Archenemy" icon in the center in order to access the main menu.
In the top right, tap the "?" symbol if you need fast info about the app.

Home Menu

You can do many things from the main menu:

  • Tap the Play using cards from an Archenemy Set button in order to start a new game using all the cards from a specific archenemy set (you can select it before starting)
  • Select one of your custom decks (The first time there are none)
  • Create a new Deck, by pressing Create a new deck
  • Open settings, by pressing the Gear icon

Game Screen

Once you start a game, you'll see the back of an Archenemy card. Tap it to travel to the first scheme!

This is the standard game screen. On the bottom, you can see the action buttons.
Here is a description, from top to bottom:

  • Ongoing: this button is displayed when an ongoing scheme is revealed, tap it to see the list
  • Navigate through cards: press the arrows buttons in order to draw the next or previous card.

Special Actions

These are the automated special actions that you can do during a game.


This is the Ongoing button:
When you reveal Ongoing schemes, by pressing this button you can see the list of schemes currently active and, if needed, abandon them.


This is an example of a special button:
They appear on the top and are a shortcut for special actions that can be performed by certain cards.

Deck Creation

This App lets you build your own decks. You can create a new deck by pressing Create a new deck from the main menu.

Deck Management

This screen contains the list of all the cards you selected for the deck.

From here, you can read the cards' text and remove them from the deck, as well as enter a new deck name and save it in order to play it.
On the top right, press the i button in order to see more info about the deck you're creating and check the deck limitation rules.

Card Selection

From here you can see the whole list of available cards. You can select, read their texts and search for any card you need from the search bar.
In order to add a card to your deck, select it and click on Add to deck in order to add the card to your deck. You can add two copies of each card in your deck

In the list, all the cards that already are in two copies in your deck have the back of a card instead of its front.